A Másállapotot a Szülészetben!  is a grassroots, non-political, non-partisan, religiously neutral movement, organised by women.

  • Women, who know that giving birth is a unique life experience, which can have many routes

  • We gave birth in hospital and/or at home, via caesarean and vaginally to several children or one child or none

  • There are some birth workers among us, but we have all kinds of professions

  • We believe in the power of giving feedback and peer community

Másállapotot a szülészetben csapat

As a women’s movement we give voice to the experiences of women, primarily covering the range from the time of conception to the post-partum period. We provide a safe space for difficult experiences – whether it’s a miscarriage or the loss of a baby – to be shared, but we also give visibility to positive stories and good practices.

Our mission is to bring a collective change at on all levels, including the individual, the health care system and society, so that women-centered care is achieved.


  • collecting and sharing stories related to pregnancy and giving birth

  • organizing street rallies

  • representing our mission in the media and at professional conferences

  • collecting and translating professional materials and articles

  • knowledge sharing on Facebook

  • making pregnancy and childbirth related rights more accessible, understandable  and widely available

  • consulting with hospitals, ministries, competent authorities, NGOs